Grief Support Services


Facilitator: Ms. Regina Battles, MS, MFT-Intern

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Thursday nights 6:00pm-7:15pm

A six-week support group designed to help you learn how to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Have you:

Experienced the death of a loved one?
Experienced a loss such as a divorce, a home, pet, financial security, health, dreams, a relationship, or a loved one leaving home?
Often felt shocked, numb, or confused as part of your grief and loss reaction?
Experienced difficulties focusing your thoughts on anything but the loss.
Experienced feelings of guilt for being alive or not having done enough for your love one?
Avoid talking about your loss or find yourself superficially talking about your loss?
Experience a lack of interest in or willingness to participate in social activities once enjoyed?


Here are some myths about grief:

Time heals all wounds
Replace the loss
Grieve alone
Be strong for others
As a result, of participating in this 6-week group, your life may become more enriched, more alive, and more productive than before.